I’m sorry to say, my beloved followers- I will not be on here for a good while. Life has taken a quick turn and I don’t think I can stomach some things attached to this right now.
I hope you will forgive me and still give me love when I return. I’ll still be taking pictures. I’ll still be making videos. I’ll still be me… when I come back.

I will talk to you when I talk to you. 


Okay Kelsey spam time. So excited to see her asdfowkhdhe

Last moments we get to kiss for awhile :( I’m going to miss her… Again.
Support Equality today. It will change so many lives and our country for the better.
I feel like I need to share this moment with my followers. This is an image of what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship at times. This is a moment in time where my relationship is vulnerable. It hurts to be so far away from your best friend. It brings tears to our eyes to only see each other in pixels for 90% of each month. But even moments like this are beautiful to me. The pain she feels because she can’t just simply reach through the computer and touch me is hard to see but it’s real. It’s true, raw emotion… that to me is rare in this world. And it is just as beautiful as the happy moments. This photo documents  weakness that will eventually create strength in our relationship and this is why it is important to share these pieces of time too. Not just the happy.
Watch American Idol tonight and tomorrow! You might just see me.
Our New Years kiss
I’m wearing your shirt babe :)
Lets get silly!
I iz gay & I likes it. 
for anon.
My latest tattoo. I got a new tattoo about a month ago.
It’s two lenses of a camera. One is open and one is closed. It symbolizes the two ways to look at life. With an open or closed mind. If you take a picture with a closed shutter, you get a very dark image. A picture taken with an open shutter, it takes all the light in that it can get.
I got it done at Sacred Apple (same place as my phoenix) by Dave.